Compatible with 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

NudeKeys takes those boxed up keys, and stripes them. It gives them a whole new look and meaning.

Keyboard can have all black, no blurred background, maybe a little bit of color at the bottom that fades into a nice blur (or nothing), or even a fancy gradient to go with your personality. It is all possible with NudeKeys.

Features include:
- Blur style (none, little, normal)
- Gradient background (solid color is possible)
- Text color
- Highlight color

This tweak was originally inspired from a theme called Nude from Colorkeyboard (RIP).

Changelog (4.3)
- Fixed black not being completely black with deep blur
- Better gradient fading
- Blur styles can be chosen now
- Fixed color picker by making a new one