Compatible with iOS 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11

This library contains the basic utilities needed to build many tweaks. Such as:
- Light weight color picker
- Basic color manipulation tools
--- Hex conversions
--- If color is bright
- Basic image tools
--- Average color of image
--- Creating image from color
--- Change scale of an image
--- Change color of entire image
- Useful Preference Loader Cells
--- PSColorCell
--- PSCustomSwitchCell
- Tweak settings
--- Easy to create settings by simply defining the name
--- Easy to get values
--- Easy to save and update values

Adding libOBSUtilities to your project?
Check out GitHub

More will come, if you have any question or requests please contact me @orangebananaspy.

Changelog (1.2)
- Bringing you Copy and Paste for colors
- Minor animations to overall increase user experience